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How much will a DUI really cost me?

An arrest for drunk driving in Ohio is more than just a traffic ticket. In fact, you could easily end up spending time behind bars even for a first conviction. State and federal governments seem to be doing whatever they can to make a DUI charge as uncomfortable as possible, and with good reason. More than 28 people die in drunk driving accidents across the country every day. You probably agree that any efforts to stop this trend are helpful as long as they do not violate your rights.

One way in which a drunk driving conviction can disrupt your comfort level is by threatening to damage your financial stability. This is because the average first offense drunk driving conviction can end up costing you thousands of dollars, and that is not limited to your fine.

Disorderly conduct is no joke for Ohio students

Movies have often made a college education and disorderly conduct look like two names for the same thing. Fictional college students usually somehow come out on top, but criminal convictions for disorderly conduct can have serious consequences for a real college student’s future job and education prospects.

College students and drug use

Illicit drugs have long been alluring to college students, who are in a stage of life where they are finding their path and pushing the boundaries of their independence for the first time. However, today's drugs are becoming more available and perhaps more dangerous than ever before.

The issue surrounding college students and recreational drug use was highlighted last fall, when two college students died at the Lost Lands Music Festival in Licking County. According to WHIZ News, two concert goers were found unresponsive at the festival, which had about 40,000 attendees. The two unresponsive individuals received medical care and were taken to a hospital, only to be pronounced dead a few hours later.

Benefits of expunging a criminal record

Living with a criminal record can create a number of different obstacles. Making a mistake when you were young could cost you the chance to follow your dreams and live the life you want. Fortunately, there may be a way for you to fix this.

Expungement is the court-ordered process of having an arrest or criminal conviction sealed. This means that in the eyes of the law, your criminal record no longer exists. Naturally, the process of having your mistake sealed may open new opportunities for you and benefit you in ways that you were previously unaware.


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