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Personalized Legal Counsel Against Juvenile Charges

If your child is facing criminal charges, their future may suddenly be in doubt. They could face challenges in applying for college, gaining employment or moving into an apartment.

Since 1989, attorney Michael A. Newland has represented individuals across Hamilton and Butler County. He is an advocate for Ohio minors. He works hard to prevent allegations from affecting them for the rest of their lives. He can provide a committed, personalized defense strategy and the responsive service you need throughout a turbulent time.

A Strong Defense For A Wide Array Of Charges

Attorney Newland defends clients against a wide array of juvenile law charges, including:

  • Allegations of domestic violence
  • Gross sexual imposition
  • Involvement in gang activity
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Theft, robbery and shoplifting
  • Underage alcohol consumption
  • Vandalism and other property crimes

With considerable experience in both misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, Mr. Newland can provide aggressive representation no matter the crime involved.

Protecting The Future Of Your Child

Juvenile charges prompt parents to consider the potential effects on their child’s future. When your teenager faces charges, the fate of their college prospects or future job opportunities can be in question.

A conviction may affect the college application process. However, many juvenile convictions are generally civil in nature. This means that their impact on future employment may be minimal.

Implications For Being Tried As An Adult

While a juvenile conviction typically avoids much of the consequences that an adult conviction has, there are future considerations to keep in mind. If your child eventually commits a crime as an adult, the judge may have access to a juvenile court record. This is true even after an expungement.

Additionally, adult court, rather than juvenile court, may try several crimes involving minors. Age, history in juvenile court and the severity of the crime are all factors that the court considers when deciding whether to try the case in criminal or juvenile court.

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Mr. Newland will aggressively and diligently represent your child. Do not wait to involve a lawyer to protect your child’s future. Schedule a free initial consultation at his Hamilton office by calling 513-816-0307 or contacting him online.