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A DUI Can Put Your Future In Question

Facing charges for driving under the influence can be frightening and unnerving. You may fear the effects of a conviction on your job, your privilege to drive, your future and more.

Attorney Michael A. Newland guards against the consequences of a DUI or OVI conviction. Representing individuals across Hamilton and Butler County since 1989, he understands the stakes involved with DUI charges and when reduced or dismissed charges are possible. He offers the aggressive, knowledgeable defense you need against potentially severe, long-lasting consequences.

Protecting Your Privilege To Drive

Among the many potential penalties of a drunk driving conviction, the effects on your driver’s license can be some of the most profound. After your arrest, you lose your driving privileges for 15 days. If you refused to take a blood or breath test, this period could be longer.

A conviction for a first-time OVI offense can result in the revocation of your license for up to one year. This suspension will be longer if it is a subsequent conviction. For commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders and others who drive for a living, a conviction can result in the loss of your employment. Mr. Newland will fight aggressively for you to retain your privilege to drive.

Ohio Imposes Steep Penalties On Drunk Drivers

Potential DUI penalties can include:

  • The suspension of your driver’s license for six months to several years
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Mandatory alcohol treatment and assessment
  • Vehicle confiscation
  • Steep fines
  • Jail time
  • A criminal record

These are just the penalties the state imposes on you. Other consequences can include increased monthly car insurance premiums, potential issues in gaining future employment and more.

Attorney Newland will provide the drunk driving defense you need. He will thoroughly investigate your case to determine an appropriate strategy to pursue the most optimal outcome.

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When your future, driver’s license, reputation and more are at stake, you need experienced, aggressive legal representation on your side. Schedule a free initial consultation with attorney Newland to learn how he can assist. Call his Hamilton office at 513-790-0097 or contact him online.