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Aggressive Representation For Drunk Driving Allegations

A drunk driving arrest can happen suddenly. What seemed like a relatively normal night can end in jail, with your driver’s license, criminal record and future job opportunities in question.

Attorney Michael A. Newland understands how frustrating and frightening DUI charges can be. Since 1989, he has defended individuals across Butler County facing DUI or OVI charges, serious traffic violations and other criminal offenses. He will provide aggressive DUI defense to minimize the potentially harsh consequences and protect your future.

Taking Immediate Action After An Arrest

It is critical to take swift action after a drunk driving arrest in Ohio. You will lose your driver’s license for a mandatory 15-day period following the arrest. Involving an attorney immediately can help ensure that you do not miss key deadlines and that the suspension is not extended. Mr. Newland can represent you in both administrative and criminal proceedings.

Sound Guidance For Underage Drivers

A DUI can be devastating for anyone, including college students at Miami University. When underage drivers face DUI charges, however, the consequences can follow them starting at an early age. A DUI can put your education, employment opportunities and more at risk. Mr. Newland can represent you aggressively in an attempt to reduce the charges or seek a plausible alternative to a conviction.

Working To Reduce Or Dismiss Potential Penalties

The potential penalties for a DUI can include a one-year suspension of your driver’s license, jail time, fines and more. If this is a subsequent offense or injuries were involved, the consequences can be harsher.

Mr. Newland will work to:

  • Investigate the reason you were pulled over
  • Determine potential weaknesses in field sobriety, blood or breath test results
  • Identify whether your rights were violated at any time during the arrest
  • Pursue reduced or dismissed charges when possible

In some cases, pursuing a pretrial diversion program may be an optimal outcome for your case. Mr. Newland is familiar with courtrooms and judges across Butler County. He will pursue alternatives to steep penalties when possible.

Get A Skilled Lawyer On Your Side

After a DUI arrest, time is of the essence. Learn how Mr. Newland can fight for you. Schedule a free initial consultation at his Hamilton office by calling 513-790-0097 or sending him an email.