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Protecting Your Rights Against Serious Drug Charges

An arrest and subsequent charges for drug crimes can lead to harsh penalties, including significant jail time, steep fines, an extended probation period and the negative effects of carrying a criminal record. When addiction is involved, however, seeking alternatives to harsh penalties may be more appropriate.

Attorney Michael A. Newland has worked with those facing criminal charges across Butler County for over 25 years. In this time, he has witnessed the effects that drug addiction can have on the futures of many. He will aggressively defend your interests and uphold your rights in court, while advocating for necessary productive treatment.

Helping You Get The Rehabilitative Treatment You Need

The opioid crisis has significantly affected many across Ohio. Seeking out fentanyl and other prescription or narcotic drugs can lead to a conviction for drug possession or other charges that can be detrimental to your well-being.

Prison and other harsh consequences are not always the most optimal outcomes for drug addicts. Mr. Newland understands this and seeks rehabilitative treatment rather than jail time when possible.

Working To Find The Right Diversion Program For You

Mr. Newland is familiar with the courtrooms, judges and prosecutors across Butler County. He can anticipate how judges may rule, as well as potential weaknesses in the case against you.

He is also familiar with treatment programs and rehabilitative facilities across Ohio. Throughout representing you, Mr. Newland will:

  • Seek to reduce or potentially dismiss the charges against you
  • Identify an appropriate formalized diversion program with a focus on drug treatment
  • Aggressively pursue a diversion program to avoid conviction
  • Represent you in mental health court as well as drug court

Overall, he seeks to find the appropriate treatment for the underlying condition, rather than just fight against punitive measures. Mr. Newland understands that without proper treatment, further crimes and convictions can be a possibility. He will advocate for your best interests and protect your rights throughout the criminal proceeding.

Let An Experienced Lawyer Assist

Drug charges can be complex. Get a knowledgeable lawyer on your side from the start. Schedule a free consultation at Mr. Newland’s Hamilton office by calling 513-790-0097 or contacting him online.