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Helping You Move Forward From A Criminal Record

Life after a conviction can be made difficult due to your criminal record. Even a minor offense can make finding employment, applying for housing or obtaining a loan challenging.

Fortunately, there is a way to potentially move forward from your criminal record. Attorney Michael A. Newland can determine whether your misdemeanor or felony conviction is eligible for expungement. Representing individuals across Hamilton and Butler County since 1989, attorney Newland can provide seasoned, dedicated legal counsel to allow you to move forward with your life.

Ohio Law Has Become More Favorable For Expungements

Expungement allows you to move forward from a criminal offense by sealing, or expunging, the record from view. When applying for a job, loan, schooling, professional license, housing and more, your background check will not reveal the expunged offense. Law enforcement officers, however, can still view such records.

Previously, Ohio had strict guidelines for those seeking expungement. Such laws prohibited the sealing of more than one offense or expunging the offense if you had multiple convictions on your record.

Now, the law has become much more favorable for those seeking a clear criminal record. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to seek the expungement of up to five felony offenses and unlimited misdemeanor offenses.

Expungements Vary Based On The Case

You may be eligible for expungement if:

  • You have waited the appropriate statutory waiting period, typically one to five years.
  • Your conviction did not require a mandatory prison sentence.
  • You have no pending criminal charges against you.
  • Your offense is approved by the court for expungement.

Certain violent crimes and others, including a DUI or OVI conviction, are ineligible for expungement. As the requirements can be complex, Mr. Newland can advise on when your record may be eligible for expungement and how to proceed. He will represent you in court to assert that you have served your time and deserve the opportunity to move forward.

Consult With A Lawyer To Determine Your Eligibility

The expungement process can vary based on your prior offense, record and more. Mr. Newland can determine whether you may pursue expungement and how to do so. Learn more by scheduling a free initial consultation at his Hamilton office. Call 513-790-0097 or send him an email.