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Regaining driving privileges after a DUI in Ohio

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Dui Defense

Getting a DUI can create a lot of expenses and hoops for you to jump through. This often includes figuring out how you will transport yourself or get your driver’s license back.

Driver’s license suspension is a reality first-time and repeat DUI offenders face. In fact, first-time offenders could have their license taken away for half a year, second-time offenders could have their license taken away for a full year and third time offenders could have their license taken away for up two years.

Depending on the details surrounding your conviction you will have to meet different qualifications to regain driving privileges:

  • First DUI charge: If you are attempting to reinstate your license after your first DUI conviction or if it’s been 10 years since your last conviction, the process isn’t overly complex. At the end of the suspension period, you’ll have to pay a reinstatement pee and provide proof of insurance.
  • Underage DUI charge: For drivers who aren’t of legal drinking age and receive a DUI charge, the process isn’t as easy as an application, fee and proof of insurance. Drivers under the age of 21 must also complete a juvenile remedial driving course and retake the driver’s license exam.
  • Repeat DUI charges: Alcohol treatment is a requirement for drivers who have accumulated three or more DUI charges within a three-year span. To reinstate their license, they must complete a rehab program and keep up sobriety for at least six months after they complete the program.

According to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the reinstatement fee can cost anywhere from $100 to $650, depending on your charge. But sometimes the fee isn’t the difficult part of license suspension. Many people not only have to drive themselves to work to earn a living, but they take care of children or elderly relatives they must transport too. If it’s near impossible for you to live without a license, it’ll be essential to meet with a criminal law attorney to help you reduce your suspension period or seek temporary driving privileges.